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Yardage Guide and Hole Descriptions

Hole #1

Hole #1: Hole one is a beautiful par 5 with a generous fairway. Beware of the water that lurks to the right as the prevailing wind will try to push your shot towards it. The approach to this green is guarded by water on the right and bunkers both short right and short left of the green. Depending on the pin position this is a good hole to sneak an early birdie.

Hole #2

Hole #2: The second hole is a tricky par 4 will test any golfers nerve off the tee. With water down the left and OB down the right driving accuracy is at a premium. This tricky par 4 doglegs to the right where the green is protected by numerous bunkers both short left and short right. Favoring the back of this green on your approach is not a bad strategy.

Hole #3

Hole #3: This short par 4 will entice the longer hitters to go for the green in one. Beware of the OB right and the fairway bunkers about 70 yards short of the green as this will leave a tough approach to the green. With an accurate wedge shot there is another birdie opportunity here.

Hole #4

Hole #4: The first of 5 par 3’s at The Royal St.Kitts Golf Club this hole looks fairly benign but be wary of the bunker to the left as this will leave a challenging up and down. This hole also has a very deep but narrow green so take that into account when selecting your club.

Hole #5

Hole #5: This long par 5 faces directly into the prevailing wind. Keep your ball down the left on your tee shot and lay up shot as there are bunkers strategically placed down the right for any wayward shots. The approach into this green is also quite challenging with a bunker guarding the green short and a collection area long and left.

Hole #6

Hole #6: The Royal St.kitts Golf Club does not let up much after the long 5th hole with another demanding long par 4. The 6th hole is guarded with OB down the right along with bunkers. Even after a solid tee shot you will be looking at a long iron into this green. The excellent.

Hole #7

Hole #7: This demanding Par 3 requires your full attention. Ball striking is at a premium on this par three that is heavily guarded by a large pond short and to the right hand side of this green. The place to miss is left but we wary of the large bunkers that lurk to the left because this will leave a tough bunker shot with water ready to gobble up and miss timed blast shot.

Hole #8

Hole #8: The 8th hole much like the 7th demands a good tee shot. With a forced water carry over a fairly large pond a good drive is a must. Once in the fairway the second shot plays slightly into the wind so add an extra club to make sure you carry the bunker guarding the front of this green.

Hole #9

Hole #9: This fairly straightforward par 3 should not play to difficult and is a nice way to finish your front nine. Be very aware of the wind here, your tee shot is straight into the teeth of the generally consistent northern trade wind so once again extra club is a must.

Hole #10

Hole #10: Hole number 10 gets your back nine off to quite a friendly start. If you keep your drive down the left you will be perfectly fine but will be faced with a longer approach to the green. The right hand side brings the OB into play but if you choose to keep it down the right and are successful in doing so this will leave a much shorter approach to this dogleg right par 4.

Hole #11

Hole #11: The par 5 11th hole is the longest hole on the course and plays to its yardage. Be aware of the bunker in plain site off the tee and be aware of the water that runs the whole way down the right hand side. Your approach to the green will be met with a large bunker guarding the front and left side of this green.

Hole #12

Hole #12: Number 12 is the most challenging of all the par 3’s at the Royal St.Kitts Golf Club with water down the right and OB down the left accuracy is a premium. The green is well guarded with a front bunker. The smart play here is left of the green leaving a fairly straightforward up and down.

Hole #13

Hole #13: This medium lengthed par 5 can allow the golfer who hits a straight drive to reap the rewards of a birdie. With water down the right hand side and OB down the left there is only one real place to hit it and that is straight down the middle. The green is well defended with a bunker on the right and left side. Also be aware of the fairway bunker that sits and waits for any layup shot that drifts too far to the right.

Hole #14

Hole #14: This is where the course starts to show its real beauty but don’t lose focus on what is at hand. This short par 4 requires an accurate tee shot that you will want to keep in the fairway since the 2nd shot is to an elevated green so controlling your distance is a must on the approach shot. For those aggressive golfers who chose to hit driver off the tee, this will leave a tricky pitch up to the elevated green.

Hole #15

Hole #15: The signature hole of The Royal St.Kitts Golf Club this par 3 plays from an elevated tee box with dramatic views of the Atlantic Ocean is simply beautiful. Once again don’t let the beauty of this whole distract you from the tricky tee shot that lies ahead. With a steady wind blowing in off the Atlantic Ocean and the elevated tee box club selection is key. There are also bunkers designed to look like waves rolling in off the ocean that guard the left and right hand side of this green. A well played tee shot will have you walking away with a possible birdie here.

Hole #16

Hole #16: 16 is the first of back to back holes that run alongside the Atlantic Ocean. With the Ocean to the left and a steady wind blowing in, a tee shot down the right center of this fairway should work just fine. Do not go too far right or you will face a shot defended by Caribbean Coconut trees that grow tall and are ready to block any shot that does not have the height to carry over them. Once in the fairway, this green is ready to be attacked with only one bunker long and left that needs to be avoided.

Hole #17

Hole #17: A tough test, this slightly doglegged hole to the left has numerous challenges. With the Ocean to the left and a lake to the right a good drive is a must. Keep it down the right hand side to open up the green though you will be faced with a slightly longer approach. If you chose to hit your drive down the left this will leave a shorter approach but one faced with a carry over water. There are no bunkers guarding this green but the wind makes it a difficult approach.

Hole #18

Hole #18: We have come to the last hole at The beautiful Royal St.Kitts Golf Club. The 18th is a challenging dogleg to the right par 4. With a huge lake looming down the right a solid tee shot down the left is required. Be aware of the bunkers that line the left hand side of this hole as they will make your approach shot to the green much more difficult. The 18th green is nestled right up against the lake so a solid shot to the middle left of this green is the smart move. The green is also protected by bunkers left and long.